May 13

Procedural Texturing…


I’ve always been fascinated by the textures created with codes and math and interested with them since I first saw a demoscene 64k intro “the product” in 2000… I remember  I was reading the Hugi diskmag articles on procedural texturing to learn something useful but I gave up some time later thinking that my math and programming skills were not really good enough. I was probably 18-19 years old then. Though I soon realised that the demoscene programmers would code a specific texturing tools and then the texture artists would create textures using those tools, tweaking some of the parameters. I learned that Farbrausch -the creators of  ”the product”- were using their own software “the generator”, to create 3d geometries and textures. It was a great mistery back then. Some years later Farbuasch released their software for free and I got the chance to examine it insight out. I remember that I was really impressed with the idea.


Recently I got started to examine an other amazing software – Substance Designer. And I see that it takes the idea of procedural texturing a whole new level that I feel I can easily create any realistic looking textures with it. I am still learning it, and it’s fun. But more fun(!) began when I thought of trying to create procedural textures with the old Maya’s texture nodes. Yeah, seriously I know it is really pain in the ass (had to write some mel codes to automate tasks) and not applicable to real production scenarios but it was still a great exercise, take a look:




I highly recommend  Substance Designer, though. It’s well integrated within Maya also…








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